Bo’ness St Andrew’s

Avenue Youth Programme

Project Type: Children and families

Avenue runs a variety of projects for young people specifically. A Breakfast Club three times a week, A Young Mums Group specifically targeted at young mums who feel vulnerable within our community. We work very closely with Bo’ness Academy offering support to both pupils and teachers.

Our Story

Hi Lilias, I feel it necessary to inform you of the amazing turnaround in the timekeeping and attendance and attitude to school of young J since he started using your breakfast club. Prior to him using the club we had some very serious issues with attendance and in fact we were concerned that J was slowly becoming a school refuser. His family had a great deal of difficulty getting him to come to school and then getting him into the building. We often had a member of staff meet the family car and encourage J to accompany them into the building and then into our pupil support base. We did not always succeed in getting him into school and when we did he was often very distressed and crying.

Since he started using your club we now have a different pupil. He is almost always early for school, attendance is very good, he arrives unaccompanied and goes straight to class.

We are grateful for your support.

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